The Flycycle bike rack is user-friendly and accessible for cyclists and provides a space-efficient and attractive solution for property owners.

Better for cyclists

No more tangled handlebars   |    No more bikes tipping over   |   No more wrestling to attach your U-lock

Flycycle racks were designed by people who actually bike!

Better for property managers

More efficient use of space   |   Cleaner aesthetic   |   Happier customers

Flycycle racks were created for and prototyped with the support of Cambridge property developers.

Functional form + elegant design: breaking it down  

Stability: The Flycycle bike rack raises the front wheel of one bike 5 inches (20 cm) off the ground, stabilizing it. This allows a second bike to be parked in parallel without the usual entanglement of handlebars.

Efficiency: When bikes are standing straight, they can be parked closer to the rack, thus reducing the space required between rack units. Flycycle recommends 30" spacing between racks, 20% less than the spacing required for more traditional racks. 

Accessibility: Now that the bike rack has been cleaned up, bikers can more quickly and easily park their bikes. Flycycle racks have been tested on nearly every style and size of bike and can accommodate bikes with panniers, baskets and child seats. 

Demonstration Videos

Institutional Support

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