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Flycycle is partnering with Rafi Properties and Optimus Systems to bring bike racks to life at Somernova, Somerville’s bustling innovation hub.

A shared passion for innovation in mobility quickly transformed into a collaboration with Rafi Properties, owner of the Somernova Innovation Hub, to create and test the next generation of bike racks. Optimus Systems, a local IOT consulting firm, joined the team to design the brains of this smart bike rack.


The Lightning Bug rack senses the approach and presence of bikes, interacting with people as it records data about bike rack use. With aggregated information on patterns of bike parking, urban areas can learn and adapt to better serve the needs of people on two wheels.

By integrating Particle IoT (Internet of Things) technology, the Lightning Bug bike racks control LED light sequences based on motion detection in and around the racks.

The roots of the Lightning Bug rack are deep in Somernova and the Camberville innovation scene. The first Flycycle racks were prototyped at Artisan’s Asylum and installed at Aeronaut Brewing Company, two anchor institutions in Somervilla. Now, with Rafi’s support, the next generation of bike racks is being built at Somernova.


September 13: Check out Particle’s story on how the Lightning Bug uses cellular IoT to bring bike racks to life!

June 21: Connectivity testing for microprocessor chips successful

May 18: Biked to Somernova recently? Take the bike rack survey!

May 15: 12 interactive Lightning Bug racks light the path to Aeronaut

April 28: First Lightning Bug rack installed at Aeronaut Brewery in time for Bike Month kick-off party!


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